Write short notes on the following (i) UNCTAD (ii) MIGA (iii) World Bank (iv) ITPO (v) IMF

Q.16:- Write short notes on the following (i) UNCTAD (ii) MIGA (iii) World Bank (iv) ITPO (v) IMF


(i) UNCTAD: The United Nation Conference on Trade and Development was established in 1964 with the objective of integrating the developing countries with the world economy through discussions. It undertakes activities such as collecting research and data for policy making and extending technical assistance to the less developed countries as per their requirements.

(ii) MIGA: The Multinational Investment Guarantee Agency, or MIGA , was established in April 1988 with the objective of encouraging foreign direct investment in the less developed countries. It aims at insuring investors against political and non-commercial risks, providing advisory services, etc.
(iii) World Bank: It is earlier known as International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) setup to assist the reconstruction of war -affected countries and to facilitate the development of the under-developed nations of the world. Now, the world bank turned its attention to
the development of underdeveloped nations. Apart from investing in infrastructure development, agriculture, health and industry, the World Bank is significantly involved in programmes to remove poverty, increasing the income of the poor and providing technological support.(iv) ITPO: Indian Trade Promotion Organisation was setup on 1st January 1992 under the Companies Act 1956. Its main objective is to maintain close interactions among traders, industry and the government. In order to fulfil this objective, the ITPO organises trade fairs and exhibitions within and outside the country, thereby helping export firms to interact with international trade bodies.

(v) IMF: International Monetary Fund (IMF) came into existence in 1945 has its headquarters located in Washington DC. It aims at facilitating a system of international payments and adjustments in exchange rates among national currencies in order to bring about balanced growth at the international level and increase the levels of employment and income.