Why are the means of transportation and communication called the lifelines of a nation and its economy?

Q.3 (i):- Why are the means of transportation and communication called the lifelines of a nation and its economy?



Transport system is the means for movement of goods and services from their supply locations to demand locations. The means of transport provide an important link between the producers and consumers of goods. The transport routes or channels are, thus, the basic arteries of our economy. Therefore, efficient means of transport are prerequisites of fast development. They help in development of agriculture and industry by providing raw materials and distributing finished product. A well-knit transport and communication system brings people of different regions within the country and the world closer to one another. This promotes interdependencies between them.
With the development in science and technology, the area of influence of trade and transport has expanded far and wide. Different countries, geographically far from each other, are now engaged in trade relations. A product made in the USA is now available in India. Efficient, and fast-moving transport and communication system has helped to convert the world into a large, closely knit global village. India is part of this network and is well connected with the rest of the world. Its flourishing international trade has added vitality to its economy and enriched the lives of the people by raising their living standards.
A dense and efficient network of transport and communication is a prerequisite of local, national and global trade of today. Thus, modern means of transport and communication serve as lifelines of our nation and its modern enonomy.

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