What are the characteristics of a political party?

Q.5:- What are the characteristics of a political party?



Characteristics of a Political Party

(a) Political parties are groups of well organized like minded people with the same views and opinions.
(b) The members of the political party agree to policies and programmes to be implemented for the benefit of society with a view to promote collective good.
(c) Every political party has one common aim and that is to attain power in one way or another. For this they contest elections and try to win them. If they single handedly are unable to win a majority, they make an alliance with other parties to form a coalition government.
(d) Political parties try to persuade people that their policies are better than those of other parties.
(e) Political parties are a part of society and thus involve partnership.
(f) A political party runs with the help of its leaders, active members and suppourters.
(g) A party is generally known by what it stands for, the policies it suppourts and the interests it upholds.