Unit-7: Print Culture and the Modern World – History NCERT Solution Class-10

Unit-7: Print Culture and the Modern World


Intext Solutions:-

Page- 161

Q.1:- Write briefly why some people feared that the development of print could lead to the growth of dissenting ideas.

Page- 164

Q.1:- Why do some historians think that print culture created the basis for the French Revolution?


Exercise Solutions:-


Q.1:- Give reasons for the following
(a) Wood block print only came to Europe after 1295.
(b) Martin Luther was in favour of print, and spoke out in praise of it.
(c) The Roman Catholic Church began keeping an Index of prohibited books from the mid-sixteenth century.
(d) Gandhi said the fight for ‘swaraj’ is a fight for the liberty of speech, liberty of the press and freedom of association.

Q.2:- Write short notes to show that you know about,
(a) The Gutenberg Press
(b) The Erasmus’s idea of the printed book
(c) The Vernacular Press Act

Q.3:- What did the spread of print and culture in the nineteenth century India mean to
(a) Women
(b) The poor
(c) Reformers


Discussion Solutions:-


Q.1:- Why did some people in the eighteenth century Europe think that print culture would bring enlightenment and end despotism?

Q.2:- Why did some people fear the effect of easily available printed books? Choose one example from Europe and one from India.

Q.3:- What were the effects of the spread of print culture for the poor people in the nineteenth century in India?

Q.4:- Explain, how the print culture assisted the growth of nationalism in India.