Unit-7: Outcomes Of Democracy – Civics NCERT Solution Class-10

Unit-7: Outcomes Of Democracy


Textbook Solutions:-


Q.1: How does democracy produce an accountable, responsive and legitimate government?

Q.2: What are the conditions under which democracies accommodate social diversities?

Q.3: Give arguments to support or oppose the following assertions
(i) Industrialized countries can afford democracy but the poor need dictatorship to become rich.
(ii) Democracy can’t reduce inequality of incomes between different citizens.
(iii) Government in poor countries should spend less on poverty reduction, health, education and spend more on industries and infrastructure.
(iv) In democracy, all citizens have one vote, which means that there is absence of any domination and conflict.

Q.4: Identify the challenges to democracy in the following descriptions. Also, suggest policy/institutional mechanism to deepen democracy in the given situations.
(i) Following a High Court directive a temple in Odisha that had separate entry doors for dalits and non-dalits, allowed entry for all from of same door.
(ii) A large number of fanners are committing suicide in different States of India.
(iii) Following allegation of killing of three civilians in Gandwara in a fake encounter by Jammu and Kashmir police, an enquiry has been ordered.

Q.5: In the context of democracies, which of the following ideas is correct – democracies have successfully eliminated:
(A) conflicts among people
(B) economic inequalities among people
(C) differences of opinion about how marginalised sections are to be treated
(D) the idea of political inequality

Q.6:- In the context of assessing democracy which among the following is odd one out. Democracies need to ensure:
(Α) free and fair elections
(Β) dignity of the individual
(C) majority rule
(D) equal treatment before law

Q.7: Studies on political and social inequalities in democracy show that
(A) democracy and development go together
(B) inequalities exist in democracies
(C) inequalities do not exist under dictatorship
(D) dictatorship is better than democracy

Q.8: Read the passage below:
Nannu is a daily wage earner. He lives in Welcome Mazdoor Colony, a slum habitation in East Delhi…
What does Nannu’s example show? What impact did Nannu’s action have on officials? Ask your parents their experiences when they approach government officials to attend to their problems.