Unit-2: Forest and Wildlife Resources – Geography NCERT Solution Class-10

Unit-2: Forest and Wildlife Resources


Q.1 Multiple choice questions:-


(i) Which of these statements is not a valid reason for depletion of flora and fauna?
(a) Agricultural expansion
(b) Large scale developmental projects
(c) Grazing and fuel wood collection
(d) Rapid industrialization and urbanization

(ii) Which of the following conservation strategies do not directly involve community participation?
(a) Joint forest management
(b) Chipko movement
(c) Beej Bachao Andolan
(d) Demarcation of wildlife sanctuaries


Q.2 Match the following animals with their category of existence:-


Animals / Plants Category of Existence
1. Blackbuck

2. Asiatic elephant

3. Andaman wild pig

4. Himalayan brown bear

5. Pink head duck

a. Extinct

b. Rare

c. Endangered

d. Vulnerable

e. Endemic


Q.3 Match the following:-


1. Reserved Forests a. Other forests and wastelands belonging to both government and private individuals and communities.
2. Protected Forests b. Forests are regarded as most valuable as far as the conservation of forests and wildlife resources concerned.
3. Un-classed Forests c. Forest lands are protected from any further depletion.


Q.4 Answer the following questions:-


(i) What is biodiversity? Why biodiversity is important for human lives?

(ii) How have human activities affected the depletion of flora and fauna? Explain.


Q.5 Answer the following in about 120 words:-


(i) Describe how communities have conserved and protected forests and wildlife in India.

(ii) Write a note on good practices towards conserving forest and wildlife.