State different forms of communal politics with one example each.

Q.2 :- State different forms of communal politics with one example each.


Answer :-

Communalism can take several forms in politics as:—
(a) The most common expression of communalism is of communal superiority in our everyday beliefs. Militant religious groups are an example.
(b) Sometimes communalism takes its most ugly form in riots. India and Pakistan suffered some of the worst communal riots at the time of partition.
(c) A communal mind often leads to a quest for political dominance of one’s own religious community; it can take the form of a desire to form a separate political unit. An example are the separatist leaders in Kashmir.
(d) Political mobilization based on religion is another form of communalism. This involves the use of sacred symbols, religious leaders, emotional appeal to bring the followers of one religion together in the political areas. Examples in India are politicians trying to influence voters from the two largest religious communities in the country.

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