State any three merits of roadways.

Q.2 (i):- State any three merits of roadways.



Roadways are the most important means of transportation in India. India has one of the largest networks of roadways in the world, aggregating to about 2.3 million km at present. Road transport has preceded railways and still have an edge over it in view of the ease with which it can be built and maintained. Other means of transport like pipelines have limited application and waterways are localised in rivers and water bodies while airways are costly and out of reach of common people.

Road transport is more useful than railways on account of its following merits :
(a) Construction and maintainence cost of roads is much lower than that of railways.
(b) Roads can traverse comparatively more dissected and undulating topography. They can negotiate higher gradients of slopes and can traverse mountainous regions such as the Himalayas. They can reach remote villages and hilly regions where railway tracks cannot be constructed.
(c) Roads provided door to door service, thus the cost of loading and unloading is much lower.