Q.20: Explain the following terms with an example each | Unit1 Chemistry NCERT solution-Grade-10

Q.20: Explain the following terms with an example each:

(a) Corrosion

(b) Rancidity



(a) Corrosion: Corrosion is a process in which materials deteriorate as a result of a chemical reaction with moisture and other chemicals present in its surroundings.  Generally, metals get corroded more easily. For example, iron in the presence of moisture, reacts with oxygen  (air) to form hydrated iron oxide also called Rust.

4Fe + 3O2 +nH2O —> 2Fe2O3.nH2O


(b) Rancidity: It is a process of oxidation in which fats and oils present in food items are oxidized that can be easily noticed by the change in their taste and smell.
Rancidity can be prevented by:
1. Storing food in refrigerators or in air-tight containers.
2. Flushing oil and fat containing food items with nitrogen before their packing.
3. By adding anti-oxidants.

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