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Q.18:- Keeping in view your locality, describe any four strategies of sustainable development.



Four strategies of sustainable development in our locality

(i) Use of Eco-Friendly Fuel the fuels such as petrol and diesel emit huge amount of carbon dioxide that add to the Green House impact. In order to control pollution, the use of CNG and LPG should be promoted. These fuels are cleaner and eco-friendly. Also pooling of vehicles in the locality should be promoted.

(ii) Use of Renewable Resources India being a tropical country is well endowed with sunlight, water and wind energy. These natural resources are renewable and pollution free. Thus, attempts should be made to harness solar and wind energy by employing different technologies and to go for rain water harvesting. It would help in sustainable economic development.

(iii) Recyclable Products The household waste materials like newspapers, old bottles, used batteries, etc should be accumulated and should be distinguished as bio-degradable and non-biodegradable wastes. The bio-degradable wastes are those wastes that can be decomposed and can be used as manure for organic farming. The non-biodegradable wastes like plastic, etc should be recycled and re-used. Use of polythene bags should be discouraged,

(iv) Judicious Use of Electricity Electricity is a resource which is used in all households in our locality. It is one such resource which is already in short supply and may not be available to future generations if we do not start using it judiciously. Therefore, the easiest strategy for sustainable development is to use power in an efficient mariner without wasting it. This can be done by using energy efficient equipments.