International business is more than international trade.Comment

Q.2:- “International business is more than international trade”. Comment.



International trade comprises of exports and imports of goods and forms an important component of international business. But the scope of international business is substantially wider than that of international trade. International business includes international exchange of services such as international travel and tourism, transportation, communication, banking, warehousing, distribution and advertising. It also covers foreign investments and overseas production of goods and services. Multinational companies have started making investments into foreign countries and undertaking production of goods and services in foreign countries to explore foreign markets and produce at lower costs. All these activities form part of international business. To conclude, we can say that international business is a much broader term and is comprised of both the trade and production of goods and services across frontiers. International trade is done through exporting of goods while international business modes include licensing, franchising, contract manufacturing, joint ventures and establishment of wholly owned subsidiaries apart from exporting.