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Q.10:- India has abundant natural resources – substantiate the statement.



India has abundant natural resources including rich quality soil, various rivers and tributaries, green forests, mineral deposits, vast stretch of the Indian Ocean, mountain ranges, etc.

(i) Soil The black soil of the Deccan Plateau is particularly suitable for cultivation of cotton, leading to concentration of textile industries in this region. The Indo Gangetic plains spread from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal are highly fertile, intensively cultivated and densely populated regions in the World.

(ii) Forests India’s forests, though unevenly distributed, provide green cover for a majority of its population and natural cover for its wildlife.

(iii) Minerals Large deposits of iron-ore, coal and natural gas are found in the country. India alone accounts for nearly 20% of the world’s total iron-ore reserves Bauxite, copper, chromate, diamonds, gold, lead, lignite, manganese, zinc, uranium, etc are also available in different parts of the country.