Imagine that you are a young person living in a chawl. Describe one day in your life.

Q.:- Imagine that you are a young person living in a chawl.  Describe one day in your life.



I am living along with many other young factory labourers in this small chawl and life is miserable. This morning before we started for work, the landlord came and started demanding the overdue rent. Last night, I could not sleep due to the poor ventilation in the room. The common toilet at the end of the passage in front of our room is meant to be used by residents of 14 rooms and so we waste a lot of time in queuing up for using the toilet.

When I return from work in the evening, I have some time to play in the open ground in front of the chawl, like other children and young persons. This is the only enjoyable part of life in our chawl. We watch some performers showing off their art and we contribute some small amounts of money and give it to them for enjoying their performance. Afterwards, I sit with my roommates for discussions about how the day went and exchange all the news. Then we get down to cooking dinner and eat it together before we go off to sleep.