“I’ll take the risk.” What is the risk? Why does the narrator take it?

Q.1 :- “I’ll take the risk.” What is the risk? Why does the narrator take it?


Answer :-

A huge storm was between the pilot and his destination. Flying through storm can be very risky, especially for small planes like Dakota. But as the pilot was going on holiday to meet his family, so he thought of taking the risk. Even those of you living with parents must be looking ahead to meet with cousins and grandparents during holidays. And once you are in a mood for holiday then no matter if your train or flight is running behind schedule, you will suffer all hardships in the way because the happiness of holiday will numb your pain.

Especially, think about those students who are living in boarding schools and get once in a year opportunity to meet their parents. They will happily face all harsh conditions of journey to reach their home.

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