How do poriferan animals differ from coelenterate animals?

Q.:- How do poriferan animals differ from coelenterate animals?



Differences between poriferan and coelenterate animals

S. No. Poriferan Animals Coelenterate Animals
1. These organisms have holes (pores) over their body. These organisms have body cavity called coelenteron with a single opening.
2. Their body is made up of single layer of cells. Their body is made up of two layer of cells.
3. The body design of these animals have very minimum differentiation and division into tissues. They show more body design differentiation.
4. These have a characteristic canal system to helps in circulating water through the body to bring in food and oxygen. These have a characteristic feature of cavity in the body.
5. These are non-motile attached to some solid support. Some of these live in colories (e.g., corals) while some have solitary lifespan (Hydra).

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