How do annelid animals differ from arthropods?

Q.:- How do annelid animals differ from arthropods?



Differences between annelids and arthropods

S. No. Annelids Arthropods
1. The body is segmented, lined up one after the other from head to tall. This is called metameric segmentation. Their body also have segments but lack complete metameric segmentation.
2. The true body cavity called ‘coelom’ is present. The body cavity is present. It contains blood, so called ‘haemocoel’.
3. These are also called segmented worms. These are commonly called ‘animals with jointed legs’.
4. Breathing occurs through the skin. Breathing by gill, trachea, book lungs, etc.
5. A majority of annelids are hermaphrodites. Sexes re separate.
6. Example-earthworm, Nereis, etc. Examples-Crab, prawn, housefly, etc.