How are the areas of study evolution and classification interlinked?

Q. 5 :- How are the areas of study evolution and classification interlinked?



Every species or organisms has inbuilt tendency for genetic variation which plays an important role in the origin of new species and forms the the basis for evolution. Organisms appear to be same because of similarity in their inherited body designs.The more characteristics two species have in common, the more closely they are related. And they are likely to have a a common ancestor more recently. Classification of organisms necessarily involves, organizing them in different groups, based on the similarities and differences of characteristics. Classifying organisms helps us in recognizing the basic arrangement of a hierarchical structure among diverse species. It tells us about the resemblances and relationships between various organisms thus facilitating studies or research of wide variety associated with organisms effortlessly. In fact, classification of species is a reflection of their evolutionary relationship. Thus, we can say, the areas of study evolution and classification  interlinked

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