Discuss the importance of language and popular traditions in the creation of national identity.

Q.:- Discuss the importance of language and popular traditions in the creation of national identity.



Language played a very important role in the creation of national Identity. Grimm brothers, namely Jacob and Wilhelm Grim, born in Hanau, a German city, wrote ‘Fairy Tales’ which became popular among children and adults. They brought the folktales to the public through their creations in German language which encouraged the feelings of the people to achieve freedom of the press.

The Grimm brothers tried to oppose French domination that was a danger to German culture. They did a lot of work for the development of German language and creation of German Nationality in reference to identity. They also published a 33 volume dictionary of German language which was also a wider effort to oppose French domination.
Poems, music, stories, folk songs, folk dances, etc are means that create the idea of a nation. Besides it they help to express and form national feelings through the creation of shared heritage and common culture.
Collective identity among the French people was created by the French revolutionaries by discouraging local dialects and encouraging French. Use of vernacular language in Poland became helpful in dissemination of modern nationalist feelings among the large illiterate population. After Russian occupation, the Polish language was forced out and the Russian language was imposed everywhere. Due to some reasons, Polish came in use for church gathering and preaching and in due course, Polish came to be seen as a symbol of the struggle against Russian domination.

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