Discuss the salient aspects of B2C commerce.

Q.4:- Discuss the salient aspects of B2C commerce.



B2C (Business-to-Customers) transactions have business firms at one end and its customers on the other end. The salient aspects of B2C Commerce are as follows

(i) Online Selling B2C commerce involves selling the products online to customers who register for online shopping. However, it must be appreciated that ‘selling’ is the outcome of the marketing process.

(ii) Online Marketing B2C commerce includes a wide gamut of marketing activities such as promotion and sometimes even delivery of products (e.g., music or e-books) that are carried out online at a much lower cost but high speed.

(iii) Adaptation to Customer Requirements B2C commerce has made it possible for firms to manufacture the product with customized features to suit the requirements of the customers and also to provide the convenience of delivery and payment to the customers.

(iv) Customer Feedback B2C variant of e-commerce enables a business to be in continuous touch with its customers through online surveys about demand trends and customer satisfaction.

(v) C2B Interactions B2C is not a one-way traffic, i.e., from business-to-customers. It also covers C2B interactions which provide the consumers with the freedom of shopping-at-will. Customers can also make use of call centers set up by companies to make toll free calls to make queries and lodge complaints round the clock at no extra cost. Outsourcing The call centers or help lines for B2C commerce interactions may be outsourced and are not necessary to be set up by the business itself.