Describe briefly any two applications of e-business.

Q.3:- Describe briefly any two applications of e-business.



Two applications of e-business are

(i) e-Procurement It involves internet-based sales transactions between business firms, including “reverse auctions” that facilitate online trade between a single business purchaser and many sellers, and, digital market places that facilitate online trading between multiple buyers and sellers.

(ii) e-Communication/e-Promotion It includes e-mails, publication of online catalogues displaying images of goods, advertisement through banners, pop-ups, opinion polls and customer surveys, etc. Meetings and conferences may be held by the means of video conferencing.



The two applications of e-business are:

(i) B2B: Business 2 Business commerce involves business transactions between business organizationsAll business firms buy (or sell) raw materials, machines and other inputs and services to carry out their business processes. In doing so, firms have to maintain a good relationship with their distributors, suppliers and vendors. In this context, B2B e-commerce enables businesspersons to strengthen their communication and distribution networks, facilitating the smooth transfer of information, technological know-how and money.

(ii) B2C: Business-to-Customers involves transactions between a business firm and its customers. B2C e-commerce transactions not only include activities such as sale or purchase of goods and services but also other marketing activities through the online mode. It basically involves pre-sale activities (such as promoting products through advertisements) and pre-sale services (such as providing product information and cash-on-delivery services) besides post-sale services (such as customer care services). E-commerce enables business firms to conduct these activities faster and at much lower costs.